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Annie Griffith works for Bishop Grosseteste University (a small-but-perfectly-formed university in Lincoln, UK) running their Community Music Programme.

The Community Music Programme is aimed at getting more people involved in making their own music, rather than simply passively experiencing it as a listener.  Towards this end, the University puts on free singing workshops, runs a variety of community and workplace choirs, as well as organising concerts, group sings and concert dates throughout the year.

Whilst our students are welcome at every event we run, this program is primarily gauged towards non-students using the wonderful facilities we have on campus, helping to integrate the University into the local community and the local community into the University.

Feel free to leave a comment here or contact Annie at annie.griffith@bishopg.ac.uk to find out more about what is happening with Community Music at Bishop Grosseteste!

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Annie!

    I’m interested in joining a community choir in Lincoln. I haven’t sung since school ( and then not well ) and am quite shy so wouldn’t be a good candidate for auditioning. I cannot read music but have recently been looking at local piano teachers fees with a view to learning how to play.
    Would your choir be suitable? If not do you know of any avenues I could try?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Janet,
      Sorry not to answer sooner – had a lot of stuff happening here!
      You would be absolutely welcome at any of my choirs, and I don’t believe in auditions – everyone can sing and everyone improves the more they sing, auditions just make people feel rubbish.
      I do often use sheet music, but at a very basic level, and most people pick it up as they go. (I’m also debating doing a “beginner’s guide to reading music” workshop at some point, that might be interesting…)
      We meet in Lincoln on a Thursday (Bishop Grosseteste University Chapel at 6pm) or in Navenby on a Tuesday (The Venue, 2pm). Would love to welcome you along to either of those! (I also do a Steampunk Choir on Mondays at The Victoria Pub in Lincoln at 7pm if you are into steampunk!)

      Hope to see you soon!

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