Welcome to my remote choir page!  We’re called “DistanSING!” and have members from all around the UK, Germany, the United States, France and Canada to date.

We’re all keen to learn new songs and make good music at a time when social distancing has made singing together a whole new challenge.

The plan for this project is to learn via Youtube videos, and then to bring those voices together in individual recordings (where possible) which I will valiantly attempt to assemble into a single file which sounds like a choir!  Whether this plan survives in the harsh light of day, who knows?  But at least we’ll be learning and singing and together in a very real sense, which is what matters more than anything.

I was going to put the audio file of our first Zoom meeting on here, but I managed to fluff that :-/  Sorry!!!

If you’d like an invite, email me at annie@anniegriffith.co.uk and I’ll add you to my list!

Our first song is The Beatles’ “Blackbird” and the files are on my muted Youtube channel – when you email me, I’ll send you the invite and Youtube address for the videos.

Love to everyone!  Let’s get SINGING!!!