Music in the Community and for the Community with Annie Griffith

Music in the Community and for the Community with Annie Griffith


I am starting a new project, aimed at getting people a bit more comfortable and familiar with their instruments in lockdown.

The basic premise of ZoomJam:2021 is this:

  • I’ll select a traditional English dance tune, score it out, record a guide track and put it on here.
  • I’ll schedule 1 or more Zoom lessons to teach it. All instruments welcome. All abilities welcome. No judgement from others, or from yourself. We’re here to have fun!
  • Because we’re on Zoom, your microphone will mostly be muted, so you can make as many mistakes as you like and NO-ONE WILL HEAR.
  • Those who would like to, can record a version of the tune in time with a guide track, which I will hamfistedly attempt to collate into a group recording. It will be crackly. It might not be in time. We will have a glass of something and laugh at how much fun it was and that it doesn’t matter that it’s not perfect, because it’s Lockdown, for the sake of little green apples!
  • If we enjoyed it, we’ll try another tune! Maybe with different instruments if we have them!
  • Whilst on Zoom, we will get easily distracted by cats, small children and how many cups of tea it is socially acceptable to drink whilst in Lockdown. We will not feel bad about this. We will laugh.
  • One day, when we are allowed to meet up again, we will try to play the tunes live. We will have forgotten them. We will swear. And then we will laugh. And then we’ll hug. And I’ll probably cry a bit, because I’ve missed hugs so very much.

That’s it! Fancy having a go? Just bought a ukulele and not sure which way is up? Fine! Classically trained tuba player? Fine! Musical saw player? Why not? (Aside: I knew one of the world’s top musical saw players. He played with Oasis. I sh*t you not. He is brilliant, and his name is Caspar.)

Guide track for Salmon Tails Up the Water