Music in the Community and for the Community with Annie Griffith

Music in the Community and for the Community with Annie Griffith

Month: November 2021


S*d’s Law!

So I wrote a long-overdue post about the fact that we were back and singing after lockdown! Hurrah!

And promptly 24 hours later, we had two reported cases of Covid in the choirs, and multiple exposures.

I’ve decided to shut down for 2 weeks, as a “firebreak”, meaning that hopefully any incubating cases will develop and the people can self-isolate, and those already living with a Covid infection have time to get better.

We start again on the 22nd November. We will be singing a different program of songs at the Light Up a Life Commemoration on the 23rd November, and I’ll have the practice tracks to learn them at home up by the end of today on the Sound/Video Download menu up the top there.

But we won’t let this stop us! Onwards! Upwards! Sing!


Back and Singing!

We started singing again in July 2021, and I’ve been so busy I haven’t had chance to update here…

It is a different and brave new world of social distancing, hand sanitiser, track&trace and safety before everything else. Some people don’t feel safe coming back yet, and some people have decided a different direction is called for entirely. And all of that is OK. We’re a little down on numbers in most choirs from where we were before Covid hit, but there are new voices, new songs and new adventures ahead of us.

If you’d like to come and sing with us in Lincoln or Navenby, you would be very welcome indeed, just contact me for details on what is happening where and when.

Our annual “Light Up a Life” commemoration in collaboration with St. Barnabas’ Hospice is going to be a hard one – everyone has lost someone, or suffered during the long months of isolation. There will be tears this year, more than ever previously, I suspect, but we’ll sing our hearts out as we always do, remembering the gaps in our midst to those lost during the last two years. That’ll be the hardest, hearing the gaps in the harmony and knowing it can never be filled, only accepted.

Wishing you all love and peace as we start the long slow dip towards the bottom of the year.