Music in the Community and for the Community with Annie Griffith

Music in the Community and for the Community with Annie Griffith


Happy New 2024!

It’s a little late to be wishing people good year, I know, but I’m always a little relieved when January is over and done with and February puts its boots on and it feels like the year properly gets going.

So we’ve got a lot of new starts here in my community choirs – new members, new repertoire, new friendships and more, all of which feels super positive!

I’m going to be doing a newsletter soon, but I thought I’d drop some information here for those who follow along online.

First of all, the new practice album for our “Songs from the Movies” theme is up and mostly populated at this point – if you haven’t explored our practice albums yet, check out the tab that says “Sound and Video Downloads”. The very first link on that page is the Bandcamp download page, where you can download the whole album for free.

There are two songs missing: “A Million Dreams” and “May It Be”, both of which I want to re-record, but the house next door is being gutted, and the noise is truly impossible to work through, particularly for songs with quiet passages. I promise I will get those done, but I will have to wait for a day when the builders aren’t around!

Sheet music should now all be uploaded to the “Sheet Music & Lyric Downloads” page, and ready to put onto your tablet, or print out for your own use. If you are unsure about the password for this page, text or message me and I’ll send it to you. It isn’t public knowledge as the material is copyrighted and I want to make sure that I stay nice and legal!

The big news for today’s update though is that today I have opened a Community Choirs merchandise shop via Etsy, selling choir T-shirts for those that have requested them! I will be getting more choir merchandise up as time goes on, but for now, we have T-shirts and water bottles! I am looking into jackets/fleeces, but these are likely to be a lot more expensive, so we’ll see! For those who would like to partake, the link is here:

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